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SoundTech intros new line of USB "Lightsnakes"


SoundTech has been brightening up the otherwise dull connection between guitars and PCs for a while now, but the company seems to have finally seen fit to spread its green glow to some more widely used cables, introducing a whole range of new Lightsnake USB cables to cover most common connectivity needs. That includes USB-A to USB-B, USB-A to USB-A, and USB-A to USB 5-pin Mini-B cables, as well as a USB-A extension cable, and, last but not least, a USB to iPod Dock cable (sadly, FireWire seems to have been left in the dark). While there aren't any pics of the cables themselves just yet, all of them function the same as the company's USB cable for guitars and other instruments (pictured at right), lighting up when it's connected and flashing when there's data being transferred. Of course, blinkin' lights usually come at a premium, and the Lightsnake is no exception, with the cables set to demand a hefty fifty bucks apiece when they're released sometime before the end of this quarter.

Update: Its glow may be slightly exaggerated, but the image after the break should give you a better idea of what you'll be getting for your $50.

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