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Sony's hardware change: indicative of a price drop?

Nick Doerr

With the onslaught of websites like this (no offense, me!), people have grown more and more impatient with things like release dates, prices, promise fulfillment, hype, flaming, along with numerous other things. The other day, we posted about the European PS3's getting a hardware "downgrade", meaning that there's simply less hardware and more software-involved computing. If you scroll down the comments, it's kind of funny how it starts out at "less backwards compatibility for a short while? Oh no!" and near the end people are saying "why did PS3 scrap backwards compatibility completely? We're screwed!" This is not the case.

1UP took the time to get in touch with some of Sony's henchmen and do a bit of the complaining for the web-surfing crowd. Why the lack of certain bits of hardware? Simple: "This move is a part of our cost saving measures, similar to the wide variety of cost saving measures we have applied with both the original PlayStation and with PS2. In time this leads to a reduction in the cost of manufacture and over time allows us to reduce the cost of the PS3 to consumers." Sony is doing all they can to stop selling at a loss so they can instigate a price drop. Already. Because the internet spreads pricing complaints faster than a wildfire in a rainforest.

What isn't talked about much is that the backwards compatibility issue is very temporary. Most of your PS-One titles are going to work. Recent PS2 titles will work. Older PS2 titles will be added through software updates in a matter of months. It's temporary, guys. Very temporary and not a big deal. Unless, of course, you'd rather not see a price drop for over a year...

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