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Mario makes his mark on campus [update 1]

Ross Miller

We've seen him as post-it notes and stage plays, but now Mario has been showcased on college campuses as a large collage of shoveled snow. Bridge nine forum poster buzz, a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and some friends spent a night creating Raccoon Mario outside of his dorms. In his words, "when you have about 1500 feet of string, 3 hours, 4 inches of snow, and 7 kids ... and nothing better to do ... "

The design was made via gridding the image in advance, with one person overseeing the grid and coordinating where to scoop out the snow. Mad respect for buzz and his friends.

[Thanks, generica]

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[Update 1: we made the incorrect implication that string was involved in anything other than gridding. Corrected description and headline.]

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