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Speci-Minder delivers patient samples autonomously

Darren Murph

Although the mainstream media would have you to believe that the nursing field is a great one to get into, we're starting to doubt the longevity of RNs here of late. Of course, there's no substitute (right?) for a nurse's touch, but just after we got wind that the IWARD nursebot would be handling the third shift duties and the HOSPI would handle all the bloodwork, there's not too many more aspects that need TLC. Unfortunately for humans, the Speci-Minder is stepping up to the plate to handle one more task, as it autonomously delivers medical samples to laboratories, enabling the staff to "spend more time with their patients." This collaborative effort between CSS Robotics and MobileRobots is already loose in Christiana Hospital near Wilmington, DE, and it can supposedly "adjust to changing environments sans wires, reflectors, or traditional guidance," allowing it to find its own way around without crashing into flesh and blood co-workers or structural obstacles. Apparently, the bots are ready and willing to go to work for your hospital ward for an undisclosed up-front charge, but we seriously doubt these poor machines will ever see a dime for their efforts. [Warning: PDF read link]

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