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The nurian Z1 from Hanuribiz does e-dictionary one better


The category of "electronic dictionary" was already stretched to its limits with all that MP3, game and video functionality manufacturers have been stuffing in, but it looks like we've officially advanced beyond any sort of reasonable definition with this here nurian Z1 from Hanuribiz. For starters, the 5-inch LCD display and Windows CE 5.0 should give you a decent hint that this thing isn't all about the dictionary action -- though there does happen to be English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean dictionary content on board. The unit can handle Flash content, MP3, video, games, PIM functions and even wireless internet. Probably the closest thing to this Z1 in size is HTC's decked Advantage handheld, so if you're looking for a more spacious keyboard, fine with CE 5.0, and can settle for about half the sexy, you can pick one of these up for 500,000 KRW, about $533 US.

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