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Sony announces four new HD-ready receivers


Sony looks to be bringing its HD-ready A/V receivers into slightly more affordable territory, today introducing four new models that all come in under the $500 mark. The top-end of the lot is the 7.1 channel STR-DG910 receiver, which will give you 110 watts of power per channel and HDMI pass-through with full 1080p resolution. Moving down the line, the $400 STR-DG810 and $300 STR-DG710 (pictured here) also support full 1080p HDMI pass-through, but take things back to 6.1 channels and 110 watts and 105 watts per channel, respectively. Otherwise, the three receivers pack many of the same features, including Sony's new Digital Media Port, support for XM Connect-and-Play, and Sony's BRAVIA Theater Sync, which'll ensure that they play nice with compatible Sony TVs and Blu-ray players. Rounding out the lineup, the low-end STR-DG510 offers 6.1 channels with 100 watts apiece and will only pass-through HDMI signals at 1080i resolution, although it'll also only set you back $200. Look for all four receivers to roll out in March and April.

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