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Sprint bundles unlimited calling, texting and web access

Brian White

Since Sprint Nextel is one of the few national wireless carriers here in the U.S. without prepaid calling plans, it seemed to us that 2007 might have become the year that the CDMA carrier wised up and offered wireless service to those with suboptimal credit -- or those who are not liking long-term contracts. Well, Sprint has dropped a bomb of sorts and has announced a few plans applicable to the San Francisco area only (for now) which include unlimited voice calling, messaging and mobile web access -- all for $120 per month. Add unlimited PC access through a Sprint handset or modem and you arrive at a $150 per month price -- just $30 more. Sprint's calling this the "grenade" plan, and we can see why. Throwing down unlimited wireless voice, texting and handset web access for such a cheap price may blow up some of the competition's plans -- perhaps even outside the wireless arena. In a high-tech area like the Bay Area, this is indeed going to be a hot potato. Will MVNOs like Helio and Amp'd Mobile pick up the challenge? Yes -- this is a trial only, and in one market at this time. Here's hoping the Sprint folks find it in their hearts to roll this out nationwide. We just hope the network quality does not go down with the price.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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