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Telltale talks: Sam & Max on Live Arcade?


Last week, we reported that Telltale Games was looking for an Xbox 360 programmer with a love of adventure games. Speculation ran rampant (rampant, we say!) that Sam & Max was bound for Xbox Live Arcade. Eurogamer caught up with Telltale to see if they could round up any more info. Telltale didn't outright admit that a Sam & Max game is headed to the 360, but a spokesperson did note that Telltale is a proponent of digital distribution and that the company would "look closely" at a service like Xbox Live Arcade.

So, Telltale is definitely looking to produce something for the Xbox 360, and if they do make something, they would seriously consider releasing it via Xbox Live Arcade. Do with that what you will (not something gross, please).

[Via Joystiq]

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