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All hail Gupp Technologies' Linux-powered Phreedom


Malaysian startup Gupp Technologies is prepping its baby (and by baby we mean ugly baby, that only mommy could love) -- the Phreedom -- for Q2 release this year. This dual-mode VoIP / GSM abomination little fella will be running a la Mobile's Convergent Linux platform, so fiddlers, start your engines because Linux anything means open source! It's good news for Gupp that this handset is also partially redeemed with a solid feature set, packing 802.11b/g, push and pull mail, 312MHz CPU, 320MB memory, VoIP with seamless handover to GSM, and a 2200 mAh battery to supply the juice for it all. Billed as a VoIP device first and a GSM handset second, this may be an interesting notion, but until we get our greasy hands on it, the jury is out -- and so far the looks are hurting its case.

[Via Linux Devices]

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