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GDC director: PS3 owners will be "very happy" next week

Blake Snow

As GDC rapidly approaches, GameDaily's James Brightman sat down with conference director Jamil Moledina to discuss possible PS3 announcements among other things. According to Moledina, PS3 owners will be "very happy" come March 7 after hearing Phil Harrison's keynote. "Not to be coy but you'll just have to come to his talk" he told GameDaily. "All I can say is that I stand behind my ['very happy'] comment."

It's likely Moldina has the advance on Harrison's keynote because, after all, it's his freakin' conference. And being that Jamil isn't on Sony's payroll, maybe PS3 owners do have some legitimate good news to look forward to next week. To say they need it is an understatement.

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