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God of War 3 dependent on you buying God of War 2!

Nick Doerr

We're not going to go over the angle that God of War may make an appearance on the PSP sometime in the future. That's great and all, but we'd really rather see a PlayStation 3 adventure involving Kratos and some pretty intense fighting. If you want a God of War 3, it seems David Jaffe and company will respond to sales and reception of the second game.

Cory Barlog, game director for GoW2, had this to say about the production of the third title: "'s really early; it's not like, "Yes, we're going forward." It's more like, "If this goes well on the second one, what would we do on the third one?" It will really be dependent on sales and fan response to GoW II." Sweet. We hope that the team doesn't have a lot of trouble working with the PS3 -- we'd like them to do the best they can and they wouldn't settle for anything less, would they? So, guys, buy God of War 2! It'll be awesome and we'll get a third. What's to lose, except $50 or so?

[fixed spelling errors... lovely how people try so hard to find something to yell at.]

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