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Japanese software sales: week ending 02.25.07

Jonti Davies

Media Create's Japanese sales data for the past week has just been released, revealing a PS3-free Top 30 that is headed by a monster hit (yes) for the PSP at Number One. For more mixed signals, set your dials to receive this week's Top Ten:

  1. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd - 705,281 units sold last week (new entry / Capcom, PSP)
  2. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - 80,002 (new entry / Alchemist, PS2)
  3. Fire Emblem: Dawn Goddess - 75,359 (new entry / Nintendo, Wii)
  4. Sim City DS - 50,826 (new entry / EA, DS)
  5. Professor Layton and the Mysterious Town - 49,979 (186,716 sales to date / Level-5, DS)
  6. Wii Sports - 47,503 (1,090,736 / Nintendo, Wii)
  7. Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX - 45,792 (new entry / Tomy, Wii)
  8. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker - 40,507 (1,174,576 / SquareEnix, DS)
  9. Wii Play - 35,811 (944,586 / Nintendo, Wii)
  10. Picross DS - 26,693 (183,357 / Nintendo, DS)
And here are some lessons we can learn from the big figures:
  • The PSP is ALIVE, and Monster Hunter is the WINNER
  • EA has had a place in Japan, after all (see also: firing the whole Japanese studio was a really clever thing for EA to do)
  • There are as many Wii titles as there are DS games in this week's Top Ten -- Japan is bowing to its Nintendo duarchy

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