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Uniden's GPS-402 and GPS-352 GPS units now shipping

Evan Blass

So we're not sure that anyone's really been breathlessly waiting for Uniden's premiere entries into the auto GPS market to hit store shelves, but we'd be neglect in our duty to provide you with a well-balanced daily dose of gadget news if we didn't at least mention the retail release. As you probably recall -- or more likely, don't -- the first two models that the company cranked out are both rather bulky units, and although they share the same case and design as two XRoad devices from Korean manufacturer Carpoint, it seems that both the hardware and software have been beefed up a bit in order to meet the criteria for bearing the Uniden logo. While the GPS-402 and GPS-352 may differ in appearance and screen size (4.0 inches versus 3.5 inches), they sport the exact same 400MHz processor, 320 x 240 resolution, SiRFstar III receiver, and NAVTEQ-based navigation app, along with pretty much everything else of significance. As is usually the case with Uniden products, you're getting a fair set of prices here, with the 402 going for $378 and the 352 coming in at $318. Uniden fanboys, go nuts.

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