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Your birthday means nothing on the Wii


This threw us for a curve ball. See, we all know that when you enter Pictochat on your DS during your birthday, there's a message there waiting for you, so we always assumed that on the Wii something similar would be done. Why else make you input your birthday when making a Mii, right? Well, according to one blogger expecting a small Mii party to be taking place in his Mii Plaza, instead he was greeted with nothing but a crew of apathetic digital Miis.

That's right, there was no party, nor were there party hats or confetti, nothing. So we're wondering just why we're asked to input our birthday when creating a Mii. Now, we assume this blogger's Wii is online, so we can rule out Nintendo sending a message congratulating us on another year of life on this planet.

What do you guys think?

[via Infendo]

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