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Hayate Cross Blade USB-powered talking organizer

Jeannie Choe

Most of the absurdly superfluous USB accessories we've seen merely add camp value to your cubicle, but here's one that might actually be useful. If you tend to drop the ball on meetings, tasks, and to-dos, you can soon employ a Hayate Cross Blade figurine to remind you of your responsibilities -- in her own signature voice to boot. Just connect the pint-sized Kurogane Hayate unit via USB, install the included software, and voila! -- your very own desktop anime secretary. It's not clear if or how the software works with other languages, so good luck if you don't speak Japanese. The talking organizer will run you ¥4,343 (about $37) and is scheduled to be released later this month. She ain't no Nabaztag, but for a fraction of the price, this could be a worthwhile substitute for cheapskates.

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