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AddOn Spotlight: TBag

Eliah Hecht

When I compared EngBags and Advanced Bags Plus a while back, a commenter named Purity commended TBag to me in the comments. Well, Purity, I'm glad you did, because ever since I installed TBag, I haven't looked back. It's now one of my all-time favorite WoW mods, right next to ClearFont and TheoryCraft. Its features include:

  • Customizable sorted inventory frame
  • Customizable sorted bank frame
  • Text-based searching of all your characters' banks and inventories
  • Includes the bag bar in the inventory window, so you can easily swap bags without having to figure out how to restore the default bag bar that you nuked weeks ago because it takes up way too much space and you hardly ever use it
Really, what more could you want in an inventory mod? It's compact, it sorts very well, it seems stable. Go get it!

Download TBag at Curse
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