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NTT DoCoMo handset "slows down" cellphone voices for the elderly

Brian White

We love those movies where the kidnappers use voice-altering equipment to talk to the authorities and such -- lower voice octaves with seemingly lower speed rule, yes? The elderly of Japan may like that concept as well, as Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo is about to roll out the "Raku-Raku" handset that personifies that functional but useful line for customers that just want to make calls. For the elderly, that's usually the only goal with a cellphone. An extra monthly revenue stream for NTT DoCoMo is not bad either from a business perspective. What is killer about the Raku-Raku is the "Slow Voice" feature. It actually slows down spoken words coming into the handset itself for those that prefer a more laid-back conversation instead of a caffeine-fueled one. Other goodies include noise compensation that raises or lowers mic sensitivity and incoming audio based on ambient noise and voice reading of SMS and email messages. Seems like NTT DoCoMo feeds the power user to the basic user in very decent fashion, yes?

[Via Digital World Tokyo]

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