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Breakfast Topic: When Shaman go OOM

Eliah Hecht

In a longish thread on fixing the Shaman class yesterday, Tseric stopped by to comment on concerns that Shaman are mana-inefficient and can't do much of anything while OOM. I find it fairly informative regarding the devs' stance on Shaman and mana, so I'll quote it in full:

While I can't really comment on your suggestions, there are a couple points which I'd like to address from what I know. I can certainly take the remaining feedback from the thread, at any rate. ;)

Q u o t e:
Shaman need more mana regeneration. Once their mana runs out there's not much they can do.
Mana efficiency for Shaman has always been on the low side. You might be arguing one of the defining characteristics of the class. However, they are also a melee class, so they can do more without mana than a mage or priest. At the base, you can apply the quoted statement to any mana-using class, but at the same time Shaman do not come out at the bottom of that pile.

Q u o t e:
Water Shield is nice but doesn't provide enough mana and doesn't provide anything when you're not getting hit!
I can pass this by the devs, regarding the quantity of mana, but again, we're talking about efficiency and saying it should be better. Of course you want more mana, but to say that Water Shield should be pushing toward some sort of complete replenishment might be too much. The group-utility issue is probably not something the devs are concerned with, as the intention is to benefit the Shaman themselves.

Q u o t e:
Lightning Shield provides no benefit in group settings.
I don't think the devs ever suggested it should have group utility. When taking your example, however, you are assuming the Shaman is healing or range dps'ing, which may not be in all cases. A Shaman switching roles and doing melee damage is going to see effect from this.

In further replies, he went on to say:

The recent clearcasting change is a change to support mana-efficiency. The devs aren't opposed to giving mana-regen where needed, but it can also be dealt with through itemization and not just core, class changes. You also haven't addressed the point of Shaman being able to do more OOM than a Priest or Mage.


Fair enough and I get your and others point [that Ele and Resto Shaman can only DPS with their low-DPS caster weapons when OOM]. You phrased it well. ;)

Again, there have been some concern from the devs before as to mana-efficiency, so it's something that has been adjusted before and could very well be again.

My usual disclaimer applies: I haven't played a Shaman past 20, so I really have no idea what they play like. Is mana efficiency a big issue? Do you feel like you have it harder when OOM than clothies do? May I refer to a manaless Shaman as a "Shooman?"

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