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GDC: CliffyB wants Jazz Jackrabbit on XBLA


Speaking at GDC, Cliff Bleszinski, the mad genius behind Gears of War, noted that he'd like to see his classic platformer, Jazz Jackrabbit, on Xbox Live Arcade. Cliffy noted that many people have told him the game would be good for Live arcade. "Honestly, I'd love to see it, too," said Bleszinski, but noted that Epic is too busy to take on the task themselves. "If anybody knows a person out there that can do it for us, more power to them," he said, stating that Epic was currently focusing on Unreal Tournament 3 and a "potential sequel" to Gears of War. "Potential sequel," by the way, was said with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

So, any developers out there want to take on Jazz Jackrabbit?

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