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TUAW Podcast #21 - the NetNewsWire 3 beta screencast

David Chartier

The TUAW Podcast is upon us, and for #21 I decided on a screencast of that NetNewsWire 3 beta sneak peek released a couple weeks ago. The new version is a slick piece of work with a lot of nice new features, and I go over all the good stuff in just under 8 minutes. This H264/AAC podcast weighs in at 800 x 450 and 42MB, and can be had from our iTunes Store Podcast directory, this direct link or our own podcast rss feed. Enjoy!

P.S. - don't forget to digg us in the digg podcast directory as well!

[Update: It seems we had some problems with properly linking the podcast directly and for the iTS, but things should be good to go now. The direct link is now working, and our iTS podcast directory should refresh at least within an hour or two, but likely within 30 minutes.]

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