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AMBER Alert comes to Kingston's Child ID USB flash drive

Darren Murph

Similar to just about every other USB flash drive manufacturer out there, Kingston's renditions aren't any stranger to somewhat superfluous security layers, but the firm's latest thumb drive looks to keep your child safe by teaming up with AMBER Alert. While the kid-protecting service has already been available via SMS, the Child ID Kit allows users to upload a smorgasbord of information about a single child including photos, birthdate, hair / eye color, contact information, nicknames, and even fields for parents to explain gaudy tattoos and embarrassing piercings that should only be divulged when searching for a missing youngster. Sporting 512MB of internal storage, password protection, and obligatory encryption, paranoid guardians can snap up one (or more) now for $29.95 apiece. Still, we're not entirely convinced this ultra-modern edition of the milk carton splash will actually help you find missing kiddos any faster, but at least you won't be forced to go searching for their blood type at inopportune times.

[Via Gadgets-Weblog]

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