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Bose Media System crams GPS / media playback into your dash

Darren Murph

Although Bose has become somewhat of a mainstay in the iPod speaker / overpriced headphone departments, the always controversial firm is kicking out a new device suited for your vehicle's dash. The simply-named Bose Media System head unit looks to replace that entirely antiquated cassette player you're still using, and offers up a solid mix of abilities all the while. Aside from the obvious navigation and CD playback functions, the universal player will also handle SACD, DVD-A, MP3, and AAC files burned onto a CD / DVD-R, and can also tune into XM (and Sirius?) broadcasts when not locked onto AM / FM transmissions. You'll also be graced with 5.1 playback, the uMusic mood-sensing system, proximity control sensors, Bluetooth, iPod connectivity, USB 2.0 input for portable media access, and in typical Bose fashion, a mysteriously sized hard drive that reportedly holds "up to 200 hours" of content. Of course, don't expect Bose to divulge any details regarding wattage, screen specifications, or any other tidbit that could be helpful in weighing your in-dash options, but folks eying the forthcoming Ferrari 612 Scaglietti can expect it to debut in their ride for a currently undisclosed price.

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