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Fujitsu-Siemens' Lifebook P7230 to get HSUPA treatment


We knew that Fujitsu-Siemens was hiding a little HSUPA laptop lovin' up their sleeves, now we know it's in the form of their new Lifebook P7230. The laptop isn't new, only the option to add UMTS/HSUPA data later this year. That, in addition to a 10.6-inch LED backlit screen and option to stuff a second battery into the modular bay makes this one hell of a laptop for those in need of 1.2-inches and 2.6-pounds of all day, ultra-portability. You know, if you can live with a Core Solo U1400 proc and the €2,999/$3,944 price tag when these hit Germany in the fall. Gee, we wonder who the network provider might be?

[Thanks, Louise]

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