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Gigabyte preps the g-Smart i+ for launch


On the heels of several other handset announcements from Taiwanese manufacturer Gigabyte comes the g-Smart i+ slated to launch this month. This slick 130 gram handset comes in a stylish piano-black finish -- which we are loving, by the by -- but appears to be mostly a refresh on last year's g-Smart i. Refreshes can be grand, but in this case, HSDPA was left out as was Windows Mobile 6. New features packed into this slightly smaller and lighter device include: triple-band 900 / 1800 / 1900 EDGE data, 192MB ROM -- up from 64MB on the last outing -- for storage, a built-in 12 button keypad -- no need for keys as baby has a touchscreen -- and support for 802.11g. Surprisingly, the battery has gone from 1300 mAh to a potentially measly 900 mAh -- we say "potentially" as there is no word on battery life. Also missing in action is infrared, but that isn't likely going to be sorely missed.

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