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Sorry, the Wii isn't crap


It seems like just yesterday Maxis programmer Chris Hecker mentioned the words "Wii" and "piece of shit" in the same sentence. He also said the system was nothing more than two GameCubes duct-taped together. The internets took those words, spread them like a delicious marmalade, and soon everyone was digesting it. The EA bosses got wind of the situation and decided they didn't much care for the Anti-Nintendo-flavored jam, so they had a chat with Chris.

Hecker has made a formal statement retracting his remarks, saying they were all made in fun but went a little over the top. He also uttered statements like, "When I'm on stage, I'm me -- I'm not representing EA or Maxis"; and, "I do not think the Wii is a piece of shit." Even though Nintendo-brand Teleprompters weren't sighted, he continued to praise the company for their efforts in innovation and controller interface technology.

Sounds like EA showed up at Hecker's front door with an offer he couldn't refuse.

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