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Homegrown Sockphones make for comfy listening

Darren Murph

Hasn't everyone suffered through a pair of cans that caused unbearable pain to your ears regardless of their orientation on your dome? Sure we have, and while headphone makers have gone out of their way to provide all the noise cancelling, bass thumping, and style hindering abilities that we adore so dearly (or not), comfort isn't always first priority. Enter the DIY Sockphones, a creation so incredulous that its brilliance is only rivaled by how immensely simple these things are to concoct. Sure, we may be overreacting a bit on the supremacy of this here headphone mod, but it does add a level of listening pleasure not often found on those partially-padded renditions. It was noted that sound quality takes a noticeable hit when being piped through layers of slightly rank cotton, but if you've got a painful set of headphones and an unused pair of socks, we'll leave the rest of the process for you figure out.

[Via MAKE]

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