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Mii Popularity Channel coming April

Eric Caoili

Nintendo recently filled the inboxes of Japanese Wii consoles with a message about the "Mii Popularity Channel's" upcoming release. According to Siliconera, Wii owners will be able to download the new channel and vote for their favorite Miis as early as April 29th. Whether or not this is the worldwide release date hasn't been confirmed, but channel updates tend to occur on the same day.

The Mii Popularity Channel (not the official name) was announced last week at Shigeru Miyamoto's GDC keynote. Similar to the Everybody Votes Channel, users will be asked to pick out their preferred Mii from a lineup. The Mii that wins the majority vote will not only be crowned the "most popular kid" at school, but will enjoy the benefits of a fashionable wardrobe, invitations to every weekend party, and dates with the best-looking jocks or cheerleaders. That's life.

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