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Sold! Forza 2 auction house trailer

Dustin Burg

Back in February we learned that Forza 2 will include an auction house feature where you'll be able to auction off your customized vehicle. All the blood, sweat, and hours of gaming you put into your vehicles could potentially pay off when you put your baby up for auction. The video above showcases the new auction house and a small glimpse to how it will work. But be warned, this clip is highly stylized and doesn't look to represent the actual game. From what we can tell, we'll probably be able to take a few snapshots of our vehicle and set the bidding prices before she goes to the auction block, but still are in the dark to exactly how it'll be run. Man are we still bitter about not seeing our 1991 Chevy Cavalier in the game ... what a classic.

[Via dpcough]

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