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Nyko Wii-charge station now available


We've been waiting a while for this Wii-charge station to save us from the Wiimotes vampiric treatment of batteries and now she's out. Nyko's charge station is currently a Gamestop exclusive and will be available at other retailers mid-April. Apparently this is a good deal for Gamestop because currently the item is on back order online and isn't in stock with the random selection of stores we contacted.

We attempted to find out from Mad Catz and Joytech when their charge station will be out, but we haven't received word from either company. For right now it looks like Nyko can roll around in their mountains of cash, happy in the knowledge that they have pwned the market. All we can say is that the Nyko recharge station does exactly what it's supposed to. The NiMH batteries stay charged as long as they find their way back to the cradle every few days and the rubber backing is a nice touch. The Wiimotes now have a nice little home instead of lying about. The station retails for $29.99 and if you're a consistent Wii user, you've paid that much in batteries already. No word yet of a first-party Nintendo charge station.

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