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The "Bracelet Phone" concept -- is it the thinnest phone yet?

Brian White

Just when we think we've seen style in all things mobile, the cellphone comes out being almost completely redefined in some new perverse way. Although we have not yet seen the cellphone earring, Nokia's Vertu luxury brand is swanky enough for pure enjoyment (at least for eye candy). Now, enter the cellphone bracelet. While this is not quite the concept the writers of Dick Tracy hand in mind, the "Bracelet Phone" vibrates slightly when it receives messages and calls. Movements past that point -- you know, like to answer the call -- require the wearer to take the "phone" off the neck and press a "diamond-like" stone to actually start conversing. We're kinda iffy on whether this is an "elegant" solution like the manufacturer claims -- but at least the m300 wristwatch phone is for real while this unit is a concept only right now, so elegance may have to wait. We're also we're told that the bracelet-phone has an MP3 player built into it; we're really ready and waiting to see how text messaging works on this baby, though.

[Via Uber-Review]

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