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Asus unveils Windows Mobile-powered A626 PDA

Darren Murph

Although most everyone stopped giving the PDA any sort of love a long time ago, the same firm that has been rolling out svelte graphics cards and exotic laptops hasn't forgotten about the digital assistant. Not too long after busting out a pair of GPS-enabled PDAs, Asus is looking to satisfy those still stuck in last century with the A626, and while the stainless steel motif and 1.57-centimeter thick casing aren't too shabby, the innards are quite uninspiring. Sure, we're confident the 3.5-inch anti-glare touchscreen looks good up close, but considering that this thing can't even pull double duty as a phone, we can't envision too many takers. Beneath the hood you'll find an Intel XScale 312MHz processor, Windows Mobile 5.0, 128MB of Flash ROM, 64MB of RAM, integrated WiFi / Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, built-in microphone, and a set of speakers tweeters to blast out those audible alerts. Interestingly, it can be used as a Bluetooth remote for handling those board room presentations, and the subway ride could become a bit less boring thanks to its ability to play back WMV, WMA, and MP3 files, but we're going on the assumption that most of the folks in the US (and select areas of Europe) won't much mind the fact that Asus hasn't even released a price yet.

[Via PocketPCThoughts]

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