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Irish undertaker offers webcasts of funeral services

Ryan Block, @ryan

Using gadgets to listen in on the graves of your deceased family and friends must have really caught on, because northern Ireland undertaker Jim Clarke has added a macabre new feature to their funeral services: webcasting. The bereaved now have the (thankfully free) option of enabling live streams from a network of webcams and mics recently installed by S Clarke and Son Funeral Directors in local funeral homes and churches. "Our internet option means [mourners] get to become part of a grieving process they might have missed out on. ... The pictures are so clear that people watching can see the faces of everyone in the crowd, and hear everything clearly, so they can spot relatives they might not have seen in years." We weren't aware the grieving process required physical presence, and we'd imagine with images that clear you'd probably want to get the consent of mourners to be filmed while so vulnerable, but hey, if watching bitstreams of inexpressible sorrow helps give some closure to a loved one's death, who are we to judge?

[Via TG Daily]

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