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Miglia loses EyeTV license

Scott McNulty

When you think DVR on a Mac you think Elgato and EyeTV. Everyone I know who has one of Elgato's products totally loves it (that includes a number of bloggers here at TUAW). Miglia, you may recall, makes a number of over the air tuners for Macs that used to include EyeTV (which is Elgato's software package that brings DVR capabilities to your Mac). Notice the use of the past tense there, that's right Elgato has severed all business relations with Miglia. This means that Miglia can no longer sell or ship products bundled with EyeTV. Fear not, though, if you already have a Miglia product that came with EyeTV, you'll still get support.

On an unrelated note, Elgato has set up a page which shows you how their line of products compliment the forthcoming Apple TV. I am sure some folks out there will be glad to have this information.

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