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SnoopTunes NoeStringAttached attachment gives iPod Zune-like abilities?

Darren Murph

Although the Zune didn't offer too much innovation in comparison to the bevy of other digital audio players out there, the wireless streaming (however effective) did have a leg up over the non-sharing competition. A California-based teenager, however, has supposedly changed all of that with her (well, her dad's) engineering efforts, as the SnoopTunes NoeStringAttached transmitter purportedly opens up the shared lines to iPod users. While you can certainly color us skeptical, the bullet-shaped device managed to grab some airtime on an MSNBC broadcast (shown after the jump), and reportedly transmits your music to other NoeStringAttached users "withing a 15 foot radius," touts five separate channels for non-chaotic field trip usage, and only runs you about $60 for an entire kit. While the slapped-together eBay sales page doesn't elaborate on what type of transmitting protocol is being utilized, we're here to inform you that this thing most certainly won't allow you to beam your song to another iPod -- not even for a measly 72 hours. Truth be told, we're not even sure this thing actually functions as advertised, but even if it does, we really hope you don't mind following your new best friend around fairly close if you're interested in tuning in to what they have to listen to.

[Via Wired]

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