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BMW shows off WiFi / cellular-based in-car multimedia system


Among all the new cars unveiled at the recent Geneva motor show, BMW also took the opportunity to show off a little in-car action, letting show-goers take its still-in-development dashboard console for a spin. According to Wired blog Autopia, the system can be loaded up with audio and video content off your PC via WiFi while you're parked in the driveway, or via a cellular link when you're on the road. Unfortunately, they didn't provide many details on the console itself, other than that it boasts 20GB of storage and will apparently be able to record radio content as well. It's also not clear when we might see such a system installed in a future BMW, with the company only saying that it "could" be commercially available within three years, adding that licensing and copyright issues are (not surprisingly) the main things holding it back.

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