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Microsoft MacBU Global MVP Summit 2007

Mat Lu

Microsoft Mac developer David Weiss points to the Macintosh Business Unit's upcoming Global MVP Summit 2007, which will be bringing MVPs to Redmond for some Wii gaming and Mac Office feedback. Apparently, MVPs ("Most Valuable Professionals") are non-Microsoft employees that participate in Microsoft's "technical communities" who, in virtue of being super helpful to other users, have been selected to receive this honor(?). These MVPs (who must sign NDAs) then gain access to betas of upcoming Microsoft products and are able to offer suggestions and feedback to the MacBU as well as moderate forums and even man the Microsoft booth at Macworld. MVPs also maintain a variety of helpful information sites like this one for Mac Word and this one for Entourage. There is even information on becoming a MVP, so if you've ever had a burning desire to become a MacBU lackey here's your chance! (I kid, I kid!)

[Via David Weiss]

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