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NBC announces full mobile versions of hit TV shows

Brian White

In a first for a U.S. television studio, NBC said that it would permit customers to purchase prime-time TV shows at will and on demand to play on their cellphones, similar to Verizon's new offering. Maybe the old guard of television sees how media viewing and takeaway content is changing, eh? Anyhoo, efforts so far for viewing television and movies on cellphones screens have faltered, probably due to the limited and short-length content out in the market today. As usual in the mobile video market, NBC will be making hit shows like "The Office" and "Heroes" available through mobile multimedia pioneer MobiTV, and will allow customers to buy full-length episodes for $1.99 each up to 24 hours after the television show airs. A key feature we think here will be the on-demand ability to let consumers stop viewing and resume from the same point later on. That is, unless you can stomach all 23 minutes or so of a 30-minute sitcom on that 2 inch screen all at once.

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