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Retailers to Sony: cut the price on the PSP or get lost

Ryan Block, @ryan

Warning: what you are about to read is entirely unsubstantiated, so take it how you will, but according to 1UP, a number of unnamed but big name retailers have given Sony an ultimatum. Either drop the price on the PSP (which hasn't been dropped since exactly a year ago today), or face the possibility of said retailers ceasing to carry the product altogether. (For reference, according to 1UP PSP hardware shipments were down 72% percent last fall compared to 2005, with just 10,000 units moved.) With figures like that and a price that practically insists consumers buy a cheap little DS Lite, we can kind of understand why retailers are up in arms over the waste of precious shelf space the PSP has apparently become; something is in the works though, as supposedly at Sony's Destination PlayStation event, they talked up something or other that put retailers' minds at ease -- what that is or isn't, we don't know. So we can only sit back and hope that if Sony won't listen to its customers, perhaps it'll listen to its channel sales partners.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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