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The Commodore ecosystem spreads to GPS and widescreen video


If you try, we mean really try, then you might recall the absurdly named Gravel in Pocket and Gravel in Home devices which connect to Commodore's PlaysForSure obstructed protected CommodoreWorld content delivery service. A trifecta of media access announced at IFA way, way back in August -- seven months and some half-dozen major trade shows gone by. Today, Commodore is rounding out their offerings by introducing the Gravel Personal C-PE-6000 series of 4-inch, QVGA movie and music players in addition to their 3.5-inch Gravel in Car C-IC-8000 series of personal entertainment and navigation systems. They didn't stop there, however, as they also brought a few mockups under glass of their upcoming "luxurious" (uh... yeah) series of In Pocket WiFi devices: the C-IP-300 flash audio and video player, the C-IP-1000 widescreen video-centric player, and the C-IP-3000 SiRF Star III GPS navigator. Call us unwashed, but that angular design metaphor just doesn't make us sprockets want to dance. All the media devices feature a 2GB max of on-board flash -- enough (we guess) considering the central role that streaming data (music, video, and "live TV") plays on these devices. They also feature an interesting rear-mounted joystick for navigation and a common user interface spread across all the players. The GPS products do away with the rear-mounted joystick but still connect to CommodoreWorld over WiFi. So yeah, they've developed an entire ecosystem of gear and services instead of just making a single hot device which would be so like, 90s dontchaknow.

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