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More yummy details surface on ATI's R600 offerings

Darren Murph

Sure, most roadmaps don't present anything to get immediately excited about, but considering the journey the R600 has taken to get to this point, the newest details concerning its future are indeed enthralling. While we've seen ATI's beast, witnessed its mighty power (and kilowatt sucking abilities), and even heard about a recent snag, it looks like things could be worked out fairly soon. According to TweakTown, the flagship edition -- dubbed the X2900XTX and codenamed Dragons Head 2 -- will sport a 9.5-inch configuration, 1GB of GDDR4 memory, dual DVI, video in / out, and require a baffling 240-watts of energy delivered through dual onboard power connectors. The X2900XT (Cats Eye) will share most of the same design characteristics as the aforementioned card, but will tout GDDR3 RAM and a lower clock speed to boot. As seen in the read link, ATI is apparently looking at releasing several more iterations with varying clock speeds and other luxuries, and while we can't confirm the claims just yet, the cards could be hitting shelves anytime within the next several weeks depending on model.

[Thanks, Juan D.]

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