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WoW Insider is LFM!


We're looking to expand our staff here at WoW Insider with new people and fresh perspectives. Getting paid to play isn't just a pipe dream -- though in this case you at least have to alt-tab out and write about your experiences.

We're looking for two different types of contributers right now: regular bloggers and columnists. A blogger is someone who posts regular news, opinion, and feature content -- everything you see written here now is done by our bloggers. Columnists are a new addition to our team: a columnist would have a particular topic of interest (you get to choose your topic -- and pitch it to us) and make longer weekly or bi-weekly posts. (For a better idea of what sort of work we're looking for from a columnist, you can check out Bonnie Ruberg's Playing Dirty column and Scott Jon Siegel's Off the Grid column on our sister-site Joystiq.)

Think you might make a good addition to our team? Well then, read on for all the details!

Please read the entire post before submitting your application. Incomplete applications are likely to be discarded.

First off, anyone who's interested must have:

  • A passion for World of Warcraft. You don't have to love everything Blizzard does, but you obviously need to have an interest in the game.
  • Solid writing ability. (Basic spelling and grammar required -- and the ability to form words without any numbers in them a plus.)
  • Prolificacy! We'd like someone who can commit to writing on a regular basis. For bloggers, we're looking for people who can commit to a minimum of 50 posts a month. For columnists, we're looking for people who can commit to weekly (or bi-weekly) unique content articles of between 500 and 1000 words.
But there's a few technical requirements as well:
  • Possess a computer and a reliable Internet connection. If your computer can play WoW, you should be able to blog with us.
  • Have the software and knowledge to create and manipulate photos and screenshots. (Primarily resizing images, but you can always do fancier stuff if you feel like it.)
  • Know (basic) blogger's HTML. (Very basic -- but it is sometimes necessary.)
  • Are eligible to work wherever you're writing from. Update: We can, and often do, contract bloggers from outside the US. The only caveat here is that people outside of the US must have a bank account and be able to accept payments by wire transfer.
  • Are reachable outside of Azeroth -- via e-mail, IM, Skype, phone, etc.
Still think you're right for the job? Here's how to apply.

Send an email including:

  • The subject line of your message should include your full name and whether you're applying as a blogger or a columnist. I.e. "John Doe -- blogger"
  • Your city and state
  • Your contact information, including email address and any instant messenger addresses
  • Availability information -- when and how often you think you'll be able to post
  • An explanation of why you think you're the right person for the job
  • Some information about your background in World of Warcraft, including your current characters and objectives in game
For bloggers, also include:
  • Three sample posts about World of Warcraft, in the style of a typical WoW Insider post
  • Three links to posts on WoW Insider that you feel the best content there
  • Three suggestions for how we could improve WoW Insider
For columnists, also include:
  • A proposed theme for your column
  • Ten sample topics you might explore (if you can't think of ten sample topics, you might want to re-consider your theme)
Note: You can apply for both positions if you wish (and you can also be accepted for both!). However, if you want to be considered for both positions, send us a separate application for each. (Yes, you can just copy and paste your basic info into both applications.)
We will be accepting applications for ten days (this makes the application deadline Monday, March 26th) before we begin reviewing them. The review process will probably take another week after that. Due to the high volume of applications, I'm afraid we cannot personally respond to every application, but if you're accepted, expect an e-mail in about three weeks.

Any other questions? Ask them in the comments and I'll answer as promptly as possible.

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