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PlayStation Store hits the web ... sort of


We've been clamoring for a version of the PLAYSTATION Store that doesn't involve owning a PS3. For whatever reason, Sony seems to think that making PSP downloads available on a system that isn't called a "PSP" is a smart decision. Well, hopefully Sony's web version of the PLAYSTATION Store is leading us in the right direction. It features all the recent updates made to the PLAYSTATION Store, including the latest downloadable PSP title, Wipeout. The only problem? You can't actually buy anything from this Store yet: it's just for perusal purposes only.

But certainly Sony will eventually be able to translate this interface for PSP? The system features a capable online browser that can handle transactions. Why not allow PSP users to simply browse and purchase items directly from their PSP internet browsers? We hope Sony's working on something--and soon.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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