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Bungie talks us down from Halo 3 Legendary ledge

Just when we thought we couldn't take it anymore .. the thought that the $130 Legendary Edition of Halo 3, -- in addition to being priced competitively with a real suit of MJOLNIR armor -- wouldn't include some content found on the cheaper (albeit still expensive) begins-with-an-ell Limited Edition was enough to make us throw our body off the nearest precipice and watch real life's rag-doll physics engine at work. Thankfully, Bungie's Frankie spotted us just in time and told us, in a calm, controlled, and possibly computerized, voice, "[you] will be pleased to know that [you] will not have to live without that content at all."

"Really?" I sniffled back, clearly eager for any excuse to step away from this impressively rendered ledge.

He nodded. "More on that later (some of the details are still being worked out), but it should be smiles and sunshine."

"You aren't just saying this because the inevitable negative press following our plummet would be crushing to the pre-blockbuster status of Halo 3? You're actually serious? Smiles and sunshine?"

"Seriously," Frankie said.

Phew. We're not sure what he means by any of this of course, we're just happy to hear that our little stunt didn't go unnoticed by the fatcats at Bungie Studios. So, is the Limited Edition's "fiction and art book" going to be included in the Legendary Edition? Maybe. We're gonna stay near the ledge just in case.

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