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WarioWare: Smooth Moves' heightened gaming vignettes

Eric Caoili

Frantic sets of microgames have been the standard of every entry in the WarioWare series, forcing gamers to assess and complete outlandish objectives at a frightening pace. While each title has its own "gimmick" with its microgames (e.g. Twisted!'s motion sensor), WarioWare Touched! and WarioWare: Smooth Moves have the responsibility of proving the newly-launched systems they debuted on. Working with these quick bursts of gameplay, these two games promote how the features of the DS and Wii can be taken advantage of, providing hundreds of examples in an enjoyable, playable format.

The New Gamer has an editorial on the steps Smooth Moves takes to successfully advertise the Wii remote's capabilities. Each five-second game manages to quickly retrain us on how we're interacting with the controller and what's on our screens, using condensed levels of popular games, memorable stances, and familiar situations for these brief vignettes. Because of these design decisions, adapting to the 100+ microgames ends up being more fun than intimidating, vindicating the Wii remote with each satisfying bite of gameplay.

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