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Clevo strikes again with NVIDIA 8800-based M570RU 17-inch laptop


If that 11.9-pound monstrosity, Clevo's D900C, is just a bit too much laptop for you, there's always second best: the 17-inch M570RU. Clevo hasn't stripped everything out of this guy, there's still the NVIDIA GeForce Go 8800 graphics, room for 4GB of RAM and even the addition of Intel's latest wireless chipset for 802.11n MIMO WiFi. The screen has been pared down to a 1280 x 800 resolution, but where the M570RU really differs from its big brother is that it's running a traditional mobile version of the Core 2 Duo processor, instead of that Core 2 Duo Extreme desktop chip inside the D900C. Other frills include a webcam, subwoofer and fingerprint security, along with a snazzy orange trim. No word on price for this one, but we're guessing that just because it has a mobile processor and weighs a few less pounds, doesn't mean you'll be seeing one of these for less than a couple grand.

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