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Mitsubishi builds "world's fastest washing machine"


Never ones to shy away from "word's x-est" of anything, we're especially excited to see such claims come to bear on the realms of minutes and hours, instead of millimeters and nanoseconds. Mitsubishi is laying claim to the title of "world's fastest washing machine," and is tossing in the title of "first moving drum washing machine" while it's at it. The "Moving Drum MVW-VD1" washer-dryer can tilt the washing drum based on how many clothes are in it, and which function it's performing. The slant keeps clothes from sticking to the sides, and means the machine can wash 20 pounds of clothes in 35 minutes, and dry 13 pounds in 145 minutes. Unfortunately, as speedy as this thing might be, it still takes longer than the tried and true sniff-and-wear-it method, not that we would know. The machine hits Japan in May, no word yet on an overseas release.

[Via Spluch]

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