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Swizz Style's Henry hammers out dust, purifies air

Darren Murph

If you've already got one too many vacuums roaming around autonomously, but are still looking for a way to eliminate the dust, pollen, and other nasal-clogging particles that manage to invade your domicile each spring, Swizz Style is hoping its main man can help you out. Simply dubbed Henry, this artsy air purifier handles all the expected duties of your average oxygen cleaning apparatus, taking care of bacteria, odors, and dust while holding the noise down to a respectable level. Furthermore, you can snag this useful decoration in black or white to match your design scheme, and the automatic shut off prevents unnecessary power usage once things are all cleared up. Of course, Swizz Style isn't handing over the pricing information just yet, so we'd recommend contacting the outfit directly if you're absolutely convinced these things actually work.

[Via CoolHunting]

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