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Brainstorming some new world events


I don't know about you guys, but I love watching Azeroth get destroyed. Highlord Kruul, the kind of weak Scourge Invasion, the end of Beta event on the BC test realms where giant warlocks attacked Stormwind -- they were all awesome. Even player-created events, like massive world PVP battles or the "ZOMBIE ATTACK" on an RP server last summer, can be a nice break from the normal routine of WoW.

So I agree with Captastic's call for new world events post-Burning Crusade. Azeroth is so deserted these days, it would be nice to have a major event to draw people back to their homelands. Maybe Arthas could do something to remind us that he's not just sitting around up in Northrend. Or there could be a world event the first time anyone on your particular server kills Lady Vashj or Kael'Thas. Other suggestions include:

  • An Ahn'Qiraj type of event that ends up opening new home cities for gnomes and trolls
  • Onyxia emerges from her cave and goes on a rampage
  • The Buring Legion or the Illidari could actually attack Shattrath, a very well-defended city that never sees any fighting.
  • And suddenly, fel reavers! Hundreds of them!

Can you think of any interesting world events, either in Outland or Azeroth?

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