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Motorola working with Danger on "Sidekick X"?

Chris Ziegler

Now that we know that Danger and T-Mobile's upcoming low cost Hiptop device will be called the "Sidekick ID," lettered suffixes on the Sidekick brand seem plausible enough -- as in "Sidekick X." This screen shot was supposedly somehow captured at a T-Mobile conference detailing a so-named multimedia-friendly device manufactured by Motorola and sporting some RAZR co-branding, indicating that it would probably retain some of the RAZR's trademark looks (read: thin, sleek, metal). Frankly, we think the whole sitch is pretty believable; after all, no one said Sharp would be the only company manufacturing devices on Danger's platform, and customers have been crying for a more "adult, professional" rendition of the Sidekick pretty much since day one. We'll keep a close eye on this one and try to debunk it or validate it just as soon as we can.

[Thanks, Ed]

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