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Motion Computing LE1700 Tablet PC gets official


Sure, we pretty much had it all from the FCC's mouth, but now Motion Computing has come clean about its new LE1700 slate tablet, along with pretty pictures and a couple new deets. First off, prices start at $2200 for 1.5GHz Core 2 Duo and $2000 for 1.2GHz ULV Core Solo versions of the tablet. Options for built-in EV-DO and view anywhere or WriteTouch (finger touchable) 12.1-inch SXGA+ displays will jack the price, and the standard 512MB of RAM will need a considerable boost to handle pre-loaded Vista. Potential accessories include the pictured convertible keyboard and a USB keyboard with a touchpad built-in. If you're not ready for Vista, or not ready to spring for a RAM upgrade, Windows XP Tablet PC is also an option. Luckily, a/b/g WiFi comes standard, as do plenty of other laptop frills, and there's a good amount of room to grow here -- up to 4GB of RAM and an optional 7 hour extended battery.

[Via Laptop Mag; thanks Rob B]

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